About the Director

Mara is a leading Sign Language Teacher and Interpreter. She has an extensive list of credits including teaching students and providing advanced instructions for other Sign Language Teachers and Interpreters. Her extensive experience with high profile interpreting for the stage, screen, and television means that she brings the greatest possible depth to her teaching. She is regularly called on to provide consulting for many high level clients. Her students are eloquent in their praise of her. She has all of the major certifications offered in the sign language field. Mara also is a dedicated advocate for the deaf and hard of hearing community.

Her qualifications are extensive:


CI       (Certificate of Interpreting)
CSC    (Comprehensive Skills Certificate)
OIC/C   (Oral Interpreting Certificate / Comprehensive)


1999                        Teacher Education Workshop Series / Sandra Gish
1998                        Teacher Education Workshop Series / Sandra Gish
1997                        Teacher Education Workshop Series / Sandra Gish
1996                        Teacher Education Workshop Series / Sandra Gish
1991                        Signing in the Theatre, The Juilliard School
1989                        International Sign Interpreting Training, Gallaudet University
1988                        Legal Interpreter Training Workshop, Northeastern University
1980                        Basic Interpreter Training Program, National Technical Institute for the Deaf



Broadway Theatrical Interpreting Experience:
Harmony selling to angels
Wizard of Oz
The Inspector Calls
Damn Yankees
Victor, Victoria
The Secret Garden
42nd Street
The Kiss of the Spider Woman


2008                       Interpret for “Jackie Mason: The Ultimate Jew,” on Broadway
2008                       Backstage interpreter for “Little Flower of East Orange” at the Public Theater in                               NYC for Howie Seago, renowned Deaf actor with Philip Seymour Hoffman                                       directing and Ellen Burstyn starring.
2007 and past          Interpret international conferences and assignments for extended periods of                                time up to 3 months
2005                        Vagina Monologues
2004                        “Harmony,” Barry Manilow Broadway show selling to angels
2002                        Get Out The Vote Rally with President Clinton et al
2001                        World Trade Center Memorial Services – Yankee Stadium
2001                        World Trade Center Memorial Poetry readings – Ground Zero
1999-present            Bimonthly poetry readings at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
1999                        Princess Diana Memorial Service – Central Park
1999                        International Video and Documentary Awards
1993-present            Feast with Famous Faces Gala Evening
1992                        Democratic National Convention
1991-present            Broadway Theatrical Interpreting
1991-1997               Children’s Music/Television Group Concert “Sharon, Lois and Bram’s The                                Elephant Show” in NYC and yearly East Coast Tour
1990                        Director of interpreters for “Piano Lesson”, Broadway
1989                        International Sign Interpreter, DEAF WAY
1988-present            Regularly scheduled stand-up comedy evenings at clubs throughout the                                East Coast and on Television
1988-1990               Clearwater Music Concert Festival Stage Interpreting
1995                        Disney Corporation Board of Directors Annual Meeting – corporate                                takeover
Other Non Broadway Theatrical Interpreting including Off Broadway and                                Regional Theater.

1999                        Voice interpret for Cochlear Implant documentary – “The Sound and the Fury”
1998                        Act role of Interpreter in movie “You’ve got Mail”
Consult on documentary “The Bruce Hlibok Story”
Consultant to Disney for movie script development

2008                        Interpreted Judge Maria Lopez Show
2007                        Interpreted Judge Lopez Show
2007                        CBS Sunday Morning


2006                        Presented interpreting workshop in NJ “Making It Clearer and Easier- Classifiers                                and Use of Space”
2002-present            Teach continuing education semester long courses for interpreters to improve                                their ASL skills at InterSign Academy
1998-present            Present Signs of Art Workshop for beginning students and interpreters in                                conjunction with the Metropolitan Museum of Art
1998                        Presented workshop “Preparation for the Written Test” for Long Island RID
1992                        Presented workshop on the National Certification System at New Jersey RID                                convention
1986-1990               Taught – Interpreter Education Program, New York Society for the Deaf
1989-present            Mentor interpreters and interpreting students as part of an ongoing process of                                improving professional qualifications and skills.


2002-2005            Taught ASL 1 and 2 at Fordham University various campuses for non-credit                             classes
2000                     Presented Workshop for CUNY College interpreters on skills development
1996-1998            Adjunct Professor – Lehman College (taught ASL)

1990                    Mentor in “Interpreter Skills Development through Mentoring” pilot project –                            Laguardia Community College


Act as consultant for different programs and organizations to develop and or expand their services to Deaf and Hard of Hearing consumers, and to make them compliant under the Americans with Disabilities Act.
Ex:    International Governments
International Deaf Organizations
Museums in US and Europe
Television Programs
Private Religious School
Religious Seminary of Chicago


Member of New York State Arts Accessibility Advisory Network

Mara is the subject of a Photo Documentary Book being created by professional photographer Mara Letham. This coffee table book will document Ms. Zuckerman’s work showing Sign Language as art.

Mara has been requested to, and is in the process of writing a book on her Interpreting experiences as well.